Environmental & World Service


Members: Rankin Whittington, Pete Kidder, John Davis, Louise Bradshaw, Grey Scheer, Deborah Ashley—Smith, Bob Giduz, Jack Mason, Tim Scobie, Rodney Stalheim, Gene Gray, Cindy Day, Steve Stewart, Dick Gardner, Fred Pike


The Environmental & World Service Committee will raise environmental awareness and take on the responsibilities of international projects (Shelter Box, Wheelchair Project, and Bridges to Prosperity), Friendship Exchange Program, Groups Study Exchange, Rotary Youth Exchange program, Vocational Training Teams and other global Rotary projects.


The Environmental & World Service Committee will:

  • Jointly sponsor a District Group Study Exchange with the Caldwell and Granite Falls Rotary Clubs. This includes housing, activities, special events, and a joint meeting.
  • Identify Club members who may be interested in leading a Group Study Exchange Team or proposing an appropriate non-Rotarian for team membership.
  • Assist any potential applicants for outgoing Rotary Youth Exchange.
  • Support an international Pure Water Project, or the Shelter Box Project, or the Wheelchair Project
  • Coordinate/implement the Bridges to Prosperity, including recruiting volunteers for a construction team.
  • Looking at policies/practices in Caldwell County, especially those dealing with clean water and preserving natural resources.
  • A Club program about the environment in Caldwell County.
  • At least one project that gives Club members a hands-on opportunity to improve the environment.
  • Providing information for the Club Bulletin on environmental and “green” issues.
  • Develop ways that Rotarians may include conservation and “green” living in their daily lives.