Scholarships Awarded

Committee: Michelle Colvard, Chair
Debbie Eller,  Helen Hall, Kim Case, Lee Pennell, Leslie Gray, Susan Strawn

Under the direction of subcommittee chairs, the Scholarship Committees will:

  • Award one (1) music scholarship to a middle school student from one Caldwell County School, in the amount TBD to be used for tuition at a summer music camp. This award is based on the financial needs of a student who desires to develop a career in music. It is presented in memory of Mary Frances Ballew, long-time Club pianist. The subcommittee chair will work with Jonathan Beal. Recommendations for the scholarship will be made mid-April.

  • Award eight (8)  scholarships for middle school participants in day music camp.

  • Award two (2) nursing scholarships. The Troutman Scholarship is given to a first-year nursing student at CCC&TI amount TBD and is named in memory of Chuck Troutman’s father, Dr. Baxter Troutman.

  • The second scholarship is to a second year nursing student at CCC&TI amount TBD given by the Club in honor of Dr. Jane Carswell Roberts.

  • Award three (3) scholarships, one to each high school in the amount TBD on each.

  • Award the Ed Tutor Baseball Scholarship to a senior who has excelled in baseball. This scholarship is endowed and sponsored by The Education Foundation.

  • Award the Lenoir Rotary Club/Dent Sullivan Scholarship for a student at CCC&TI.

  • Identify a candidate for an Ambassadorial Scholarship. The Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship is a $25,000 scholarship for a one-year study abroad awarded to post-graduate students. Committee members can help identify and assist prospective students with application and deadlines.

NOTES: Scholarships awarded by this Club are not eligible to members’ immediate families. All other Rotary scholarships are open to those who meet the criteria established by the scholarship program.

How to Apply:
For more information, please email Michelle Colvard, Chair

INTERACT COMMITTEE:   Elaine Setzer-Maxwell, Chair

Members: Elaine Setzer-Maxwell, Jamie Willis, John Davis, Chris Scruggs, Libby Brown

The Interact Committee, in cooperation and support with the school principals, will ensure that the Hibriten High School and CECHS Interact Clubs are successful through the following:

  • Invite and recruit rising 9th graders to join the Interact Club.  Upper-grade students may also join Interact upon invitation.
  • Hold Interact Club meetings per the allowed school schedule.
  • Conduct at least two service projects, one local and one that is international.  Service projects may be done in partnership with the Rotary Club of Lenoir or Hibriten High School and Early College High School.
  • Develop fundraising projects to support Interact activities.  Such fundraising may be done in partnership with the Rotary Club of Lenoir.
  • Provide all new members with an Interact pin.
  • Sponsor at least two students to RYLA (2 Ed Foundation, 1 Whitener, 1 Granite Falls Rotary)



Members: Libby Brown, Cindy Day, Rodney Stalheim, Deborah Ashley-Smith, Jamie Willis


The Education Committee will be responsible for looking for opportunities where our Club can help the local schools. To carry out these activities, the Committee will: Share information with the Club on tutoring/mentoring opportunities.

Provide dictionaries for Caldwell County third-grade students and enlist Rotarians to participate in ‘National Read Across America’ day at local schools on March 2, 2023, the birthday of Dr. Seuss.